What does it mean that “Jesus is the light of the world”?

Our Junior Church discussed this in December 2017.  What they came up with (along with a stunning piece of drama which we can’t record on this blog) is beautiful.  They reckon that Jesus is the light of the world means that: Jesus cares about everyone. He...

Who are we and where are we going?

In autumn 2017 Cotham’s congregation met to renew our answers to these questions.    Here’s what we came up with.  If this sounds like you, then do come and join us. Cotham Parish church is a liberal catholic congregation with daily Morning Prayer and the Eucharist at...

Whether you are well-established in the Christian faith, feeling called to a new expression of your faith, or teetering on the edge of any faith, we hope you will find resources, inspiration and good company here with us.

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