The Cotham Club is our exciting new initiative for everyone who loves music, conversation, friendship and community.

Each monthly event will comprise an amazing concert, a donations bar, a food van (when we can organise this) and some light hosting to help you chat with people you never would otherwise have met.

We’re attracting musicians from all over the world so if our music is your heritage: we really want to see you. If it isn’t – come anyway!

Cotham Club is launching on 29th April 2022 with incredible Palestinian flautist Faris Ishaq, with BEJE (Bristol European Jazz Ensemble).
£12/£5 concessions

World-renowned Palestinian nay-master with Bristol’s European Jazz Ensemble. Palestinian musician Faris is from the Occupied West Bank.

In 2018 he studied Global Jazz at Berklee, USA. Faris presents the Nay as a global flute, journeying through melodic to percussive and harmonic sounds that create a fusion of Jazz, Indian Classical and many other world music traditions.

He’ll play from his solo performance repertoire, “NAY : Nature Addresses You,” which invites us to strengthen the bond between humanity and nature. His compositions set the listener off on a journey of holistic self-exploration.

In the second set, Faris joins BEJE, playing compositions by trumpeter David Mowat, drawn from South Asian and Middle Eastern influences set within an American jazz frame. With Anders Olinder on piano, Federico Leonori on double bass, Knud Stuwe on oud, and Paolo Adamo on drums.

For full details of future months see the listings below:

Upcoming Concerts
April 29th Heralding the wind: Palestinian Faris Ishaq, Nay Master,
and BEJE the Bristol European Jazz Ensemble.
May 27th Bringing us together: Senegalese Griots, Moussa Kouyate
and Bunjah Conteh with the Afro Welsh Connection.
June 23rd (Thurs) Telling stories of co-existence: Jewish Geordie, Ruth Steinberg
and the Chai for All Ensemble.
July 22nd Entrancement: Moroccan Gnawa Master Mohamed Errebbaa
on gimbre with Chloe Rose Laing and band.
Sept 23rd Responding to bird song: Korean Daegeum Flautist, Hyelim Kim, and audience walks through stream-made cityscapes.
October 28th Singing for liberation: Naga Songs of Freedom and Faith
by Wati Aier.
Nov 18th Daring to dream: American Johnny Mars, harmonica legend,
inspiring youth, through Blues and Jazz with band.
Dec 16th One Love! Bristol Reggae Orchestra and guests.
Jan 27th ’23 Giving insight: Ambient music soundtracks in Gyroscopic film fest. A Hartcliffe-and Knowle West focussed participatory event curated by Judith Jarvis with pianist Colin Smith.
Feb 24th ’23 Healing the city: Three mental-health-through-music practitioners, Mind-harp for dementia co-inventor, Mark Smulian, Mind Your Music’s Elliot Hall and Sarah Larkham, and Bristol Drug Project’s Sophie Wilsdon.
March 31st ‘23 Sounding a new dawn: Leading Black brass player tbc
+ Bristol brass bands, the culmination of an inclusion project
for disadvantaged young people

The event will be held in Cotham Parish Church, Cotham Road, BS6 6DR @ 7.30pm. Doors will open at 7 pm.

Tickets for the April concert via Headfirst:

Some tickets for the April concert are free for Palestinians in Bristol. If that’s you and you can’t afford to pay then email

Whether you are well-established in the Christian faith, feeling called to a new expression of your faith, or teetering on the edge of any faith, we hope you will find resources, inspiration and good company here with us.

Cotham Parish Church is a registered charity in England & Wales (no. 1132307)