June 10th intercessions based on Mark 3:20-35

Let us pray for the church and for the world and let us thank God for his goodness.

Like the crowd in St Mark’s gospel, and with our worldwide brothers and sisters, we gather around you today. We are eager to see you, eager to hear you, eager to work out who you are and what you’ll do next. Help us, your church, and all humankind, unite as one radical family, listening to you now, committing to do your will. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Thank you for our church family here in Cotham, for the encouragement you’re giving us, for last week’s Time Out Tea, the new gardening group, the new reading group, the new PCC, the new edition of Connections. We pray for David, Jo and family as they get closer to their move. Thank you for the privilege to support people far from Cotham, in particular this month we remember the Jamua School in Bihar. May our community grow in prayer, outreach and loving kindness. May everything that happens here bring us, and others, closer to you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord, they said you were insane but the world seems insane, divided and desperately in need of your love. We repent of our part in perpetuating division and injustice. And we pray for all in authority especially for those who could influence the world’s worst situations. May all leaders come to know you as Father and all people as brothers and sisters. May they be inspired to do your will of love, justice and peace. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Inspired by today’s gospel we pray for everyone who has a difficult family situation. For those in conflict with, or separated from, their families, for those who do not have the family they would like; for those who feel undermined in, or by, their family arrangements. We pray also for those creating new families, especially those (here today) who are getting married this summer. May all be inspired by your radical vision of relationship, and may all families in all their forms be centred on you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We hold up to you those who are, or considered to be, out of their mind and those who are wrongfully persecuted by the law. We pray for all who suffer. In our community we pray for …………… We pray for those devastated by the volcano in Guatemala, and for people in and fleeing from Central America, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar. In the midst of their troubles, may the suffering feel their connection to you and the practical loving kindness of other people. May we each find new ways to be sisters and brothers to those in need. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We pray for those who have died recently, remembering….. And in the year’s mind we remember….. May they know the joy of coming home to your recognition. May they rest in peace. Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer

If we really did your will, the world would find us insane, but there would be more love. Help us to grow in courage and grace, today this week and always.

Merciful Lord, accept these prayers, for the sake of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.