Caring God,
we thank you for your gifts in creation:

for our world,
the heavens tell of your glory;

for our land, its beauty and its resources,
for the rich heritage we enjoy.

We pray:for those who make decisions about the resources of the earth,
that we may use your gifts responsibly; and as we recognize how our way of life threatens to destroy the world we depend on we pray for ourselves that we may take seriously our need to change the way we live. And we pray for our leaders that they may have the courage to speak honestly about the risks we face and the courage to make unpopular decisions to protect our future and the future of our descendants.

for those who work on the land and sea, in city and in industry,
that all may enjoy the fruits of their labours and that they will consider the consequences of their use of resources;

for artists, scientists and visionaries,
that through their work we may see creation afresh.


We hold before God our nation, all those who share these Islands with us. We bring to God  are sense of being powerless as those we have elected to lead us are unable to agree on the best way forward for the good of all.

We pray for them. We pray that they will have the wisdom to find solutions that  are good enough and be prepared to look again at long held beliefs


We thank you for giving us life
and for all who enrich our experience.

We pray:

For all who through their own or others’ actions

are deprived of fulness of life,
for prisoners, refugees, and those who are sick;

for those in politics, medical science, social and relief work,
particular the work of Joliba in Africa and for your Church,
for all who seek to bring life to others.

And we remember those who have asked for our prayers ….

And those who have died recently


We thank you for your redeeming love;
may your word and sacrament
strengthen us to love as you love us.


God, Creator, bring us new life.
Jesus, Redeemer, renew us.

Holy Spirit, strengthen and guide us.

God of peace,
let us your people know,
that at the heart of turbulence
there is an inner calm that comes
from faith in you.
Keep us from being content with things as they are,
that from this central peace
there may come a creative compassion,
a thirst for justice,
and a willingness to give of ourselves
in the spirit of Christ.