For the healing of the nations, Lord, we pray with one accord;  For a just and equal sharing of the things that earth affords; To a life of love in action, help us rise and pledge our word.

 We pray for the Church throughout the World.   For all her leaders… keep them true to their calling, humble and filled with your wisdom and authority.  We pray for unity within the church for appreciation of diversity and creativity of mind.  We ask your protection for all who are persecuted for their faith.  Lord in your Mercy,

We pray for the World; for an end to violence; for justice and peace; for a love among all peoples.   We pray for all in authority, that they would be free from greed and self-interest, open to new ideas and flexible in the interest of reconciliation.  Lord in your mercy,

Following yesterday’s Holocaust Memorial day, we remember those whose roots have been torn up… whose lives are being destroyed.   We think of people in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, in South Sudan…  We remember all victims of genocide all who have lost family and friends in war or ethnic cleansing… in the Holocaust, in Bosnia, Rwanda, in Darfur.   We pray for all who suffer as a consequence of war… who have left home and country to seek safety elsewhere.

We pray that they will find refuge and that here in Bristol we will welcome and support them.  Lord in your mercy,

We pray wisdom and insight for all involved in the process of appointing a new priest to our benefice.  We ask that the right candidate will come forward and be selected.

For our part we thank you Lord that you know just how much we can take… Help us to trust you so that we step out in faith and humility, knowing you will give us the skill and strength to undertake tasks for which we may not feel fully equipped.  Help us to support one another in order to further your Kingdom.

We thank you for all who have ministered to us in the past and been sent out and we pray for Nick and Helen as they prepare to move on.  Go before them and with them.  Lord in your mercy,

We pray for our charity of the month….We pray for all in our community who suffer remembering especially…. Sustain them in their troubles, comfort them with your peace and encircle them with your love.  Lord in your mercy,

We remember those who have died recently…. … and in the ‘year’s mind’ we remember…  May they rest in peace and rise again in Glory.

Keep us thankful and prayerful as we go about our daily lives.   When the clouds come down, when all is shrouded in mist and we cannot see the horizon; Hold our hand and guide us.   Give us strength and stamina when we feel sad or weary; call us back when we wander…  Keep us strong in faith and steadfast in our love for you and for one another.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Intercessions by Anne Harding