Following the bidding: Lord, we give you thanks and praise, the response is Alleluia.

Lord, we give you thanks and praise……….Alleluia

Let us pray for the Church and for the world and let us thank God for his goodness.

Inspired by the life of  the apostles and the first Christian communities, we pray for the universal Church: may we be united as they were united, in heart and soul; may we be powerful testimony to the resurrection of  Jesus Christ  by living out his risen life. Thanks and praise be to you Lord Jesus  that your rising is written in bold across the face of the earth: written by the gold-green tips of new leaves, unfolding from dark buds; written right outside this church door, where some daffodils are pushing up through tarmac, affirming as they have done these many Springs, an indomitable life force.

We pray for this church and Benefice, particularly for the new priest  soon to come to us, as well as for the new bishop of this diocese. We give thanks for the continuing ministry of all who have guided us through the time of  waiting and preparing. We give thanks that we have waited together upon God and look forward to  further serving God together, gladly recognising the gifts that are daily being brought in among us.

Lord we give you thanks and praise……….Alleluia

Lord Jesus, we pray that the Church will send out a strong message of hope for the world. With faith in the power of your  resurrection, we trust  that the world’s cruel conflicts and wars, and its appalling tragedies,  are not to have the last word. We hold to you especially at this time the people of Palestine and Syria and  those of Muenster.

We pray for the world’s millions of refugees, and all people living in poverty or without homes.  We give thanks for Borderlands, our charity of the month, and for the volunteers there who are working with refugees and asylum seekers. We rejoice that Borderlands takes a lead in showing respect and compassion to these, our brothers and sisters. May society as a whole be more  prepared to address their needs and recognise the gifts they bring to us.

Lord, we give you thanks and praise……….Alleluia

Lord  Jesus, you showed the deep marks of your wounds to the disciples and especially to Thomas, who, seeing and touching, went forward to make a ringing acclamation of his Lord and his God. We praise  you for the ordinary things that we see and  touch with our hands. We thank you for the everyday fruits of the earth, and the hands that have made them into bread and  wine, for it is through such daily things that we are drawn towards the mystery which is God.

We greatly rejoice that Cecilia is  receiving today the water of baptism. She will also receive the sign of a lighted candle as she journeys on with us all, a great company on the pilgrimage of Christian life, united in our desire to walk in the light of Christ.

Lord we give you thanks and praise……….Alleluia

Lord, when they were at their lowest ebb, you gave your peace to your disciples and empowered them with the Holy Spirit. We pray that you would give now your peace and the power of the Spirit to all who feel great need of prayer.      Names:

May the peace of Christ be upon those who have now departed this life.     Names.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour Jesus Christ.