1. On this 1st Sunday after Trinity, as we at last glimpse the promise of sun and summer, let us feel Our Father’s love through the Holy Spirit and let us pray in the knowledge of that love shown to us through the everlasting gift of his son, Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  2. Let us pray for the church throughout the world, especially where Christians risk their lives for the sake of their beliefs. Let us pray for the Church in our diocese, for Bishop Viv, for David our Vicar and the ministry team. We especially pray for Pippa, our soon-to-be curate, whose ordination takes place next Sunday in the Cathedral. We also pray for our charity of the month: Katapault Kilimanjaro – working to support local organisations in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, and for those members of the congregation, whose endeavours help many charities, such as the Community Support Group. Lord in Your Mercy Hear Our Prayer
  3. Lord hear us when we pray for all your Creation. Also, we pray for Elizabeth our Queen and her Government and Parliament in these uncertain and confusing times. We especially pray for those who seek to be our next Prime Minister and for those who will be casting their votes. Let those chosen to lead listen to the voices of wisdom and the voices of despair and act for the good of all. Lord in Your Mercy Hear Our Prayer.
  4. Let us pray for all those, who work for greater action to combat climate change, and to give us all the will to play our part in protecting the planet for future generations. We pray for the success of the Climate Change Lobby of Parliament next week. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.
  5. We also pray for all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit, especially today we are asked to pray for Sophie, Philip, Jim, Matthew, Lori, Anna, ClareCarrie, Ellie, Ginny, Anna & Humphrey, Tessa, Shirley, Sara, Shane  and …(Cotham’s Intercessions sheet), also those known to ourselves, who may take comfort from the knowledge that they have been prayed for.  Lord in your mercy – Hear our prayer
  6. Let us also pray for those who devote their lives to caring for others, by choice or by circumstance, often with no time and space for themselves. Lord give them strength and your love. We give thanks for all those, who have recovered their well-being through the power of prayer and your love. Lord in your Mercy Hear our prayer
  1. We pray today for all those who have recently died; those who died though illness; those who have been lost in accidents; victims of war and terror, remembering especially the disastrous civil war in the Yemen. Today we remember Des Turner and Andrew Heath, recently departed, and in the year’s mind: Toby Lane, Tom Shackleton and Louise Bugge and all whose anniversary of their death falls at this time. Lord in Your Mercy Hear our Prayer.
  2. Lord God help us to lead a Christian life. Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen