10 a.m. Service Cotham Church

David Johnson

  • Last Sunday was Remembrance Sunday, when the country prayed for all victims of war. This Sunday and for every other day of the year the grieving and remembering never stops. And many of the discarded soldiers of recent wars struggle to cope, homeless and living on the streets. Let us pray for all, who continue to suffer the effects of war and for all who strive for peace.  Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.
  • Lord we give thanks for the work of your church in all the world. In our own diocese we give thanks for Bishop Viv and in our joint benefice, we give thanks for David our vicar, for Ginny and for Pippa and pray for the joint benefice service to be held next Sunday, on the Feast of Christ the King. We pray for our charity of the month, Nightstop. We also give great thanks for all those working so hard to ensure that the Bristol Churches Winter Night Shelter Scheme will be a success and provide warmth, friendship and sustenance for he homeless during the coldest months.Lord in your mercy hear our prayer
  • Lord guide and strengthen Elizabeth our Queen. Bless and impart wisdom on those, who are seeking a mandate to govern at this time of division and uncertainty. Let campaign promises of help to those most in need give way to concrete actions in government. And let our desire to come together for the good of all be manifest in years to come.
    Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer
  • Lord give us grace and charity to live in good will with all our neighbours.
    Lord in your mercy hear our prayer
  • At this time of grave climate emergency, as parts of the world burn from wildfires, parts of our country struggle with floods and the signs of climate change are with us daily, Lord we pray that our leaders will do more than just talk and that we will do more than just wring our hands. Lord let the world work together to save all of your creation.
    Lord in your mercy Hear our prayer.
  • Lord comfort and heal all those, who are sick in body, mind or spirit especially we are asked to pray for: Chris Harrison, Sally, Mark, David, Levi, Jason, Trina, Thom, Ellie-Ali, Vicky, Matthew, Judith, Felix, Shane,Carrie & family, Jonathan, Kim.
  • We also pray for those, who care for the sick and the needy. Their stamina and love so often tested to extremes. Give them continued strength and support. Lord in your mercy hear our prayer
  • Hear us Lord, as we remember all who have recently died, those killed in fire and flood, those killed in accidents, those who have died at home or in hospital, especially we pray for the recently departed: Janet Green, Baby Georgina and those known only to us.We also remember those whose anniversary of their death is this time: Mary Middlemiss; Richard Harding; Tony David; Megan Hughes.
    Lord in your mercy hear our prayer
  • Dear Lord, we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, that our prayers maybe answered and that peace and reconciliation will walk hand in hand to a kinder, fairer world.
    Lord in your mercy

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your Son

Jesus Christ Our Saviour  Amen.