Today may we reflect with wonder and awe upon revelations of the divine majesty of God. Let us pray with the listening heart of Samuel: Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.

Jesus, your incarnate presence was revealed to all peoples through the painstaking search of the Magi who had seen a wondrous sign; by a sign from heaven, your divinity was revealed at your baptism.  You promised that those who followed you in trust might come and see.

In wonder and humility, we pray for the Church that it may always be filled by a vision of your transcendent majesty and glory and by the assurance of the Holy Spirit at work among us. Lord, bless all who are a part of the ministry that goes out from this church and this diocese. We give you thanks for our part in the wider ministry of the Church in the world.

With all the Church, we join our voices to the voices of the angels and of the whole creation who sang: To the one who sits on the throne and to the lamb be blessing and honour and glory and might for ever and ever.

Lord, in your mercy…….

Through the prayer and ministry of the Church in the world may a touch of your glory be seen. We pray that in all the barren and dark places  your light might shine out, bringing hope.

We hold before you, Lord Jesus, especially the people of Syria and of the Yemen, of Iraq, Israel and Palestine; we pray for the Rohingya Muslims and all displaced people. Lord, have compassion for the injustices that are being done and for all the suffering through violent conflicts destroying lands and their peoples.

We pray in trust that the light for which the people are crying out is sometimes seen: in every act of individual courage and  kindness, in every voice that speaks for justice and peace, in the work of aid organisations, the work of our charity of the month and by the unceasing work of prayer. We ask that the signs of a better relationship between North and South Korea might be sustained and that the leaders of nations might see themselves as taking an important part in bringing about a more stable and just world.

Lord, in your mercy…….

Within our own nation we pray especially for the NHS, struggling to meet growing needs. In the local community we pray for those known among us who are facing difficulty at this time:


We pray for those who have now passed into the nearer presence of God, trusting, Lord Jesus, in your promise: Very truly I tell you, you will see heaven opened.



Intercessions by Lorna Hughes