Cotham & Redland Community Sponsorship is a new group made up of local people and organisations. We have been brought together by a shared desire to make a
positive difference in the face of the ongoing refugee crisis. In particular we would love to support a displaced family to make their home in our community – we believe that we are able to offer this support and that we have much to receive.

With the support of Citizens UK we are working to develop a local Community Sponsorship scheme to welcome a Syrian refugee family. For an introduction to Community Sponsorship and stories of other communities who have worked to create a supportive welcome see:

Citizens UK ( are an organisation that enables the formation of local groups to contribute to the common good through Community Organising. We are
being trained to use community organising techniques to prepare to sponsor a refugee family.
Alongside the work we need to do as a group to prepare ourselves to be a sponsoring body for a family we have a fundraising target of £10,000. This is the typical amount needed to reach the point where a family are settled into their new community.

We would love you to support us or join us in this exercise in Hospitality and Community Organising. Please email: