Life Events


We’re interested in getting our banns read.  

Congratulations on your engagement! Please remember to leave enough time to organise the reading of your banns, and do come and join us to hear them as we’d love to wish you well.  You might also be interested in our Marriage Prep course which is taught by a former Relate Counsellor.  Contact us for more details.  


We’re interested in getting married at Cotham Parish Church.

Our church is a beautiful venue for a wedding, and the west facing garden works well for photographs.  You can use one or both of our halls for your reception which is both easy for your guests and more cost effective than many wedding venues.  Please contact us before you book any other wedding arrangements and check here to make sure that you’re eligible to marry in this church. There’s more about church weddings here.


I’d like to arrange a baptism for a child or adult.  

Babies, children and adults can be baptised during our 10am parish Eucharist.  We can also arrange private baptism services.  You can use our halls and kitchen for a party afterwards.  


I’m interested in getting confirmed.  

From time to time we offer confirmation classes.  Please contact us to find out what’s possible here.

Funeral or Memorial Service

We want to organise a funeral or memorial service.  

Please contact us to make arrangements.

Whether you are well-established in the Christian faith, feeling called to a new expression of your faith, or teetering on the edge of any faith, we hope you will find resources, inspiration and good company here with us.

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