It was a great joy to host the Confirmation service at St Paul’s in June; and to celebrate presenting four candidates from the Benefice – Lucy, Karen, Julia and Chris. Candidates also came from St Agnes in St Paul’s, St Anne’s Eastville, Clifton College, St Peter’s Filton and Redland Parish Church giving us a rich experience of being part of the wide diversity of church life in our city. The only sadness of the evening was the illness of Charlotte Underwood a first year student and member of the choir at St Paul’s. Charlotte had been part of the preparation group and was Confirmed in her home Diocese of Hereford on June 23rd where Esther and Isaac represented us.
The newly confirmed met for their final gathering at the Vicarage for an Agape feast – a lunch with reflection, conversation and communion.
The Confirmation was also Bishop Viv’s first visit to The Benefice – we look forward to continuing to get to know our new Bishop and keep her growing ministry in our prayers.

David Stephenson