Walking to Jerusalem, Oct 10th 7.30pm at Cotham Church. Actor, playwright and musician Justin Butcher performs.
To change the record of 100 years of injustice in Palestine, a pilgrimage walked from London to Jerusalem in 2017 – in penance, solidarity, and hope. The inspiration of Justin Butcher with human rights charity Amos Trust, Just Walk called for equal rights for all in the Holy Land. More than 100 walkers took part, including Sally and Nigel. This is their story – walking journals and travellers’ tales on paths of pilgrimage and conquest, from monasteries and mountain passes; tear gas and desert spirituality, to Bedouin camps and desert wadis across Europe and the Middle East — brought to life in a blend of theatre and stand-up, with a haunting and evocative soundscape and video montage created from live footage along the route, by award-winning artists Damian Hale and Dave Shepherd (Chemical Brothers, U2).

A chronicle of serendipity: happenstances hilarious, infuriating and occasionally numinous – or, as pilgrims might say, encounters with the Divine

To book tickets (£14 / £8 students and children) https://walkingtojerusalembristol.bpt.me     Please invite friends to come! Drinks will be on sale.