In autumn 2017 Cotham’s congregation met to renew our answers to these questions.    Here’s what we came up with.  If this sounds like you, then do come and join us.

Cotham Parish church is a liberal catholic congregation with daily Morning Prayer and the Eucharist at the heart of its worship. It is a warm and welcoming community: this is remarked on by those who are regular members, those who visit and stay, and those who pass through.  The people of Cotham celebrate diversity and welcome all; embracing faith as a journey of exploration and recognising and respecting that we are all at different stages and on different pathways. We belong to the Inclusive Church Network.  Our relationship with God, and our worship, and community are enriched through the creative arts, in poetry, music, art and drama.  We are concerned about the planet, social justice and committed to both action and generous giving.

We want to sustain

  •         our liturgical worship and focus on prayer
  •         our involvement in the creative arts – we see this as sacramental
  •         our commitment to social justice.

We want to expand and deepen

  •         the ways we communicate – both locally and more widely
  •         our relationships with the local community and places of work (including the hospitals, local health centre and university)  
  •         our relationships and pastoral care within our church community.

We also want to complete the re-ordering of our beautiful building so that it supports and reflects our identity and our plans.

In summary this is a vision of a Parish Church which is grateful for its liberal, catholic, prayerful, and artistic identity; and which wants now to communicate better, strengthen relationships inside and outside the church, and invest in our building to support and reflect this outward energy.

We had an image of “the church on the hill”, energised by the spirit, radiating with light, prayer and community activity, and so vibrant that no-one could walk past without noticing.

Since writing the above words, there’s been a lot of action at Cotham.  We’re buzzing!  This new website is just one example of our new initiatives, so it seems fitting that the above words are our first entry to this blog.